The REAL DEAL: 7 figure company to double in size

In a world where anyone (without any real world, business experience) can pick up a book, or attend a weekend seminar, then claim they are a “coach” or business consultant, Mandy stands apart as the REAL deal. There aren’t very many people I’ve worked with that have the depth of knowledge, practical, real world money-making business experience that Mandy does.

We have worked with her continuously for 2 years and have just signed up with her for another year (at a much larger investment). She is an invaluable part of our team. As a 7 figure company that is set to double in size this year, Mandy keeps us focused on our goals, and doesn’t allow us to chase “bright, shiny objects”. She understands business (again because of her extensive practical experience) and provides support in the areas of sales, marketing (she is an absolute marketing genius) and productivity. If you are serious about growing your business and IF you can hire her, don’t hesitate… she comes with my strongest endorsement

– Brain Kaskavalciyan, G4 Marketing, Miami

Accomplished both personal and business goals

I have accomplished personal and business goals — not just one at the expense of the other.

– Larry Epstein, Certified Financial Planner, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Best Business Decision

Hiring Mandy Bass as our Success Coach was the best business decision we made. Her advice was invaluable, resulting in increased sales

– Joe and Sharon Curtis, Curtis Insurance, Florida

Revenues Grew 40% first year and 33% the next

As a result of using Mandy’s techniques, my revenues soared 40% the first year and 33% the next.

– Mike Lynch, CFP, Plantation FL

More progress in a few months than in 12 years

I made more progress in a few months than twelve years of psychotherapy and training.

– Shelley Eisenberg, Psychotherapist, NY, NY

Increased Productivity Provides More Time for Family

I’ve noticed that I am more organized than I have ever been in my life. I seem to have so much extra time that I didn’t have before through the organizational process they teach. Because my professional life is so much more organized and I have so much more time to spend with my family

-Marilyn Blosser, CSA, LUTCF. President,
Women in Insurance and Financial Services

Trusted Confidant

Mandy is a trusted confidant who works tirelessly behind the scenes to build consensus and lead organizations toward success. Her level of commitment to her clients is remarkable.

– Dan Varnum, CEO,
Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa

New Coach’s Closing Average Improves 65%

When I first became a coach, I struggled to get clients. Using Mandy’s techniques I have learned to position myself to attract clients to me, instead of me always chasing them. Another big thing Mandy has taught me is how to turn interested prospects into paying clients. I do free initial consultations and before learning Mandy’s methods I was lucky to close two out of ten. Now it is around 85%.

– Barbara Birdman, Denver, CO

Effective Tactics Improve Productivity

I learned to incorporate simple and workable tools into my daily routine …. I specifically developed the ability to organize and focus which has made my work day easier and my year more productive.

– Stevie Naids, North Carolina

Superb Performance

Performance was nothing less than superb.

– Dan Hostetler, George S. May Int’l, Chicago

Creative Solutions that get to the root of the problem

When Mandy says, “Well, let me ask you one question,” I know that I am about to gain insight into the heart of whatever is holding me back from defining or achieving my personal and professional goals. By asking brilliant questions, Mandy coaches me to clarify my life’s purpose and pursue it with confidence

– Angela Kelsey, President Angela Kelsey Foundation

Committed to my Success

Mandy is a very, very good coach. She is a fantastic listener, which in my view is ssential to what she does. Her questions are
provoking enough to inspire action and direction. She is a very experienced business person and I’ve been impressed by how much she has been able to learn about my business despite never working directly in my field. Perhaps the most important thing I can say is that the longer I’ve worked with her, the more valuable she has become. I also trust her implicitly and know that she is completely committed to my success. I recommend Mandy whole-heartedly.

– Steve Hans, San Francisco, CA

Committed to my Success

With expert guidance and sales training I was able to achieve the Platinum award from Re/Max for being one of the top producing real estate agents in South Florida.

– Christine Adler, Re/Maxa

Made 2 year client goal in just 5 months

Mandy’s marketing strategies have made it possible to reached my two year-client goal in just five months

– Jack Miller, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Proven Strategies Increase Sales

I have attended many business seminars, but I honestly can say that in a few short hours, I learned more than I have learned in the years! I have already used some of the methods for persuasion and selling – and they work!

– Montana Gray – Seattle, Washington

Sales Increased 42% in 15 months

I LOVE working with Mandy! She is clear, bright and a GREAT resource. She helps me stay focused on the things that matter most in my business. With her guidance we had our best month ever last month. Thanks for your help!!!

-Adi Kaskavalciyan, G4 Marketing, Miami

All In

As a physician with a busy, private specialty practice, it is hard to pay attention to all the things you need to, to remain profitable. Mandy has helped us make the changes necessary to get profitable and remain independent in a very challenging healthcare and economic environment. I consider her a trusted and objective business partner that is fully engaged in our success. She is always available and accessible when you need help.

– Claudia Penalba M.D

Invaluable Resource

As the Human Resources Director for one of the largest accounting firms in South Florida, attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent is a top priority, so we engaged [Mandy Bass Business Systems] to help us establish an internal mentoring program. Their help has been invaluable in setting up the program. Mandy Bass has also done an excellent job training our senior managers and partners to better communicate and motivate our staff.

– Lynn Herrera-Hubert, HR Director, BSSS,
Certified Public Accountants

Excellent Facilitator

Mandy is an excellent facilitator. I just completed five days of training with forty people in the class. Not once did she allow any participant to derail the program and get us off track. Yet everyone felt that their questions were being answered and we all know how to apply the methods taught to our unique situations. The training exceeded my expectations.

– Michelle Clark, Business Owner, Seattle, WA

Unleashed Potential

Now I realize what limitations we put on ourselves. Thanks to Mandy we now have techniques we can use to go beyond them.

– Veena Deddar, CFP CLU CHFC, Toronto, Canada

Totally Committed to Your Success

I would absolutely recommend Mandy to my associates. She contributes 110%

– Kathi Mosier , CPA, Coral Springs, FL