About Us

We are a training, consulting and coaching company, founded in 1996 to help business people grow and thrive. Our mission is to nurture and feed the entrepreneurial spirit by providing strategic and tactical resources that help business owners work smarter and get more out of their companies and their lives.

Our clients are motivated, ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to create the dynamic necessary for exponential growth and/or sustainable change. They come to us because they appreciate:

Trusted confidants, with no hidden agendas, completely committed to their success

Creative solutions to problem-solving
Proven strategies right-sized for each individual client
Effective tactics that get reliable results
• A system for accountability that sustains continual achievement

The Mandy Bass Story

Prior to becoming the first female success coach in the country (to our knowledge), and an award-winning speaker and trainer, our founder, Mandy Bass was a serial entrepreneur, always finding herself in a confidential advisory role to fellow business owners and independent professionals.

Mandy realized that the dreams most entrepreneurs had started their business with had, all too often, slipped away. Too many were working harder than they had to, for less than they wanted, sacrificing their personal lives along the way. Many of the business executives she worked with, especially the highly successful ones, felt isolated, needing a trusted confidant, free of hidden agendas, to share their fears, dreams and brainstorm ideas with.

She founded the company in 1996 with the mission of feeding the entrepreneurial spirit by providing sustainable creative, strategic and tactical resources for business people. Through years of committed hands-on experience and a track-record of achievement, Mandy has refined the processes that help business leaders succeed.

The bottom line is that we care as much about our clients’ success as they do. When we take a client on, we are on their team, plain and simple. And we come fully equipped with the experience, creativity, and proven tools and resources to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Knowing they have a partner who has their back and is as committed to their success as they are, our clients feel inspired, optimistic about their future.

Our core values are how we get there

They are not just some fancy words written by a copywriter to impress our customers. They are the principles that guide our decisions every day. If you want to know who we are, they are a great place to start.

Meaningful Connections

Our average client stays with us four to seven years compared to the industry average of less than two years. Many of our clients have been with our firm over a decade. We think that speaks volumes and we attribute much of our client’s loyalty to genuine connections we make with them right from the beginning. We do this by always striving to be totally present so that we truly hear and understand their ideas and concerns. They know that we are as committed to their success as they are.


We consider it a privilege that our clients share their innermost fears, dreams, thoughts and ideas with us. We guard every confidence shared with us. No exceptions. Mutual honesty is expected and we believe it is the only way to have an authentic, healthy relationship.


Growth is life and our livelihood. By always learning, keeping our hearts and minds open, we embrace positive change and innovation. If there is a better way we will find it. If not, we will create it so we can help you grow because we are as committed to your success as you are.


Creativity infuses us with energy and vitality. It helps us grow and find the solutions we need to help you overcome challenges and accomplish your most audacious goals.


We realize that hope is not a strategy. But it is an essential state of mind for positive change to occur. We believe that most problems are solvable with the right strategies, tools and creative ideas — and we have plenty of those. The Latin root of word “prosperity” literally means to “go forward with hope.” The simple truth is that life is better when you feel optimistic, you are healthier and more fun to be around.


Without profitability you won’t have a business. Neither would we. Money is a measure for the value we bring to the table. It is not simply about what you make, it is also about what you keep and conserve. But money is not everything. True wealth is also about fulfillment and finding joy in life. It is about living a healthy, rich life with a grateful heart that makes business success maintainable and worthwhile. Everything we do is about increasing the value we bring to the table and helping you build your wealth so that your success is sustainable and meaningful.


We are serious about not taking ourselves too seriously! We love to enjoy the journey and laugh at ourselves along the way. It helps us learn from our mistakes and keeps us in a good mood by reminding us that we live life from the inside out, or as Eric Butterworth put it: “things may happen around you and things may happen to you, but the only things that really count are the things that happen in you.”


Our services include:

• Strategic Planning
• Private Meeting Facilitation for Teams, Panels and Boards of Directors
• Customized Training Programs
• Personal and Group Coaching Programs
• Mastermind Groups
• Business Development Consulting